Blueprint for Connected Teams


A digital solution doesn't fit everyone. Blueprint for Connected Teams is our blended learning solution, based on the digital Connect app. It's for those teams that are more comfortable not relying on their devices.

We've created a self-contained, facilitated module with the same framework as the Connect app. PowerPoints and PDFs provide all the learning and support to get started. Guidelines and support are provided for facilitation and implementation.

  • Team collaborations are structured on the GROW model, just like the digital app. Simple, reliable, and proven, it puts the focus on people and social learning, not process. Done as a team meeting, collaborations can be done voice to voice or face to face. People are always amazed at the value their team members bring to this activity. The same process steps and language also provides one-on-one coaching using GROW.
  • Captured knowledge is accumulated in the WhatWorks step of collaboration. Team members live-test, and record, how their solutions work on the job. These help guide performance for everyone, and they're a great aid for onboarding.
  • Program support comes from sample templates that help capture goals and outcomes as a way to report on success.

If you'd like to take your blended learning from where it is today, to version 2.0, you'll want to see our Blueprint for Connected Teams. Let us know!