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Quick Look: Product Features

SQR-glass-office.jpg—The New App for Learning

Work in the Connect app is based on the myRhythm learning framework of Map. Measure. Guide.™. Connect accepts important ideas, from both digital and non-digital sources. It structures rich, team collaborations—that drive, capture and share learning on the job.

  • Behavior Matrix is our proprietary tool for developing the specific behaviors required to achieve your specific strategies. The Behavior Matrix also targets a broad set of behaviors to develop a performance environment characterized by: meaning, trust, inclusion, growth, and autonomy. This environment helps develop individual and team relationships characterized by respect and commitment. Results support the critical, human dimensions of performance. We can adjust the standard Matrix to emphasize an assortment of other needs, like innovation, customer service, sales, or team development.

  • Real Pulse is a continuous, crowdsourced measurement of the targeted behaviors from the Behavior Matrix. Response to a single statement whenever you're in the app is all we need to create a three-dimensional view of performance. Feedback is generated at the individual, team, coach, and senior leadership levels—again, matched to your goals as structured in the Behavior Matrix.

  • Game rules inside Connect, display data on the Team Leaderboard. It indicates the level, and quality, of participation from all team members, while also maintaining their anonymity. Gamification puts the highest reward on quality ideas and solutions.

  • Team collaborations are structured on the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, WhatWorks). Simple, reliable, and proven, it puts the focus on people and social learning, not rigid process. Collaboration sessions can take the form of a team meeting, or because of the digital format, they can be completed on different schedules. People are always amazed at the value their team members bring to this activity. The app also provides one-on-one coaching using GROW.

  • Captured knowledge is accumulated in the WhatWorks step of collaboration. Team members live-test, record, and vote on how well their solutions work on the job. This is valuable, searchable knowledge that's worth high points on the leaderboard. The solutions with the most 'likes' become listed as 'good practices'. They help everyone, including new-hires. They can even be shared across a large universe of teams.

If you want to see Connect as soon as it's available, let us know. We'll make sure that you do!


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