The promise of a brand new blog.


This is a new site. And while we may retrieve some blogs from our old site, it almost seems better to start from here. It will be a good reason to write frequent posts.

We're excited to tell you about things like Map. Measure. Guide.—our approach to learning design that connects strategies to the vital behaviors that deliver them—but we don't need to write just for us. We're writing so that people—maybe even you—can take advantage of all the mistakes and breakthroughs we've learned from, over the years. We start by promising we will...

  • Share ideas of value.
  • Provide a unique perspective
  • Work to engage you

This should be fun...

We have something to say about learning design, human capital development, strategies for success, leveraging human nature, and behavior and culture design.

Check out our Contact/About page to see the experience we draw from.  For Peter, it's decades invested in international HCD and CHRO responsibilities. And  Jack has put decades into adult learning, and how people connect to grow and succeed.

We're both passionate about people, business, success, and doing things the smart way. So, give us some direction—before we run amuk!

Jack PierceComment