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We’re strategic

The myRhythm Group is a highly-focused team, with a systems approach to reaching strategic goals:

  • Our experience in the C-suite makes us a trusted partner for solutions that guide strategy execution across the enterprise.
  • Our deep experience in adult learning allows us to tightly integrate your training efforts, to be in lock-step support of strategy.
  • Our structures and processes provide actionable, human performance feedback, for development that replaces the ‘hunch’ with data.

At myRhythm we’ve designed an ‘inside-out’ approach to developing new behaviors. Behaviors that can create—and sustain—new business results. We recognize the employee demand for personal connections, as part of their work life. We leverage this as social learning, to fuel deeper, on-the-job learning, that informs and enriches every team member.

Sustaining change

It’s a fact that most new behaviors and intentions are shortly extinguished by stubborn cultures that refuse to change. That’s why developing behaviors that can sustain change, must also gently reshape culture into an environment that will support them. This is why the focus at myRhythm is to connect your strategy to the vital behaviors that deliver them, and sustain them, over the long-term.

Whatever the need or the project, in working with clients, the bottom line is always defined as measurable business results.


Jack Pierce, Managing Partner


As an accomplished entrepreneur of more than 40 years, Jack’s experience spans many disciplines, including: graphic design, architectural design, copywriting, photography, marketing, marketing communications, and computer software. Jack has also designed and created many online assessment tools, aimed primarily at identifying what people need to do to achieve their greater potential. All of this is grounded by his education in architectural and graphic design at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Anything that can be taken apart—and put back together better—will capture his systems-thinking attention.

Along with cutting edge elearning programs, Jack has designed and presented many, original instructor-led workshops, from sales training in medical devices, to customer service for companies as large as Sam’s Club.

Jack’s special talent has always been relationships: developing high-trust, high-output relationships with small groups of people.

Because most organizations underutilize and human talent and unknowingly hold back the human spirit, Jack’s focus has been on ways to actively realign culture, with a specific goal:

Make it possible for people to consistently act with courage, passion and commitment, in an environment where they choose to invest in a future with those around them.

The lack of these behaviors in most organizations is what Jack calls the human-business gap. He’s passionate about myRhythm because it’s designed to address these issues and erase the gap, as it works to execute business strategy.


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Peter Stickler

Peter Stickler, Partner

Partnering in the development of myRhythm’s system for improving organizational capabilities was Peter’s response to an unmet need during his long career in human resources management. His current entrepreneurial focus follows senior executive roles in a diverse range of industries including automobile, emerging technologies, commercial electronics and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). At LG Electronics, Flextronics, and Ballard Power Systems, Peter led development of the strategies and structures for leveraging global human capital. His accomplishments were built on many successes in growing organizational capabilities at Ford Motor Company, over a long career that included three different executive roles.

Executive contributions expanded to the Board Room as a director of The Institute for Global Ethics (IGE), and the Board Chair for their IGE Canada affiliate. During that same period, he was intimately involved in the Ballard’s board of directors as Secretary to their Compensation, Management Development and Nominations Committee. He later served in a similar capacity with Flextronics. Peter currently holds a Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors.

Today’s work is built on extensive global experience, including living and working in Canada, Germany, Japan and Korea, as well as his native USA. His experiences were built on educational foundations, which include a Masters/Labor & Industrial Relations from Michigan State University and a Bachelors/Sociology from St. John’s University.


Donna Harris, Partner

Donna has deep experience in learning programs, and her influence extends to every aspect of the business. Her critical eye and ability to identify and resolve complexity is literally part of who we are.

Donna sees things through the eyes of the employee—scrutiny that brings real clarity to all of our work. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, with a BS in Community Health Education.


Leo Rickertsen, Senior Associate

Leo has been an instructional designer for 30+ years, and helps us re-imagine what learning can be. He infuses fresh results into learning design, as well as the strategies and tactics that effectively drive it. 

Leo is passionate about big picture thinking, and continually strives for the elegant simplicity of relationships in ideas, processes, and people. He graduated from Iowa State University, with a BS in English & Speech, Telecommunicative Arts.


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