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Create and sustain new business results...

Build the connections between your strategies and the vital behaviors that deliver them.


Choose Connect—a learning and collaboration system to drive human performance with measurable results.

We use only the freshest performance components:


Create strategic impact.


We make learning part of every strategic plan. Target the right behaviors, right from the start, and create the strategic impact learning should always have.

Discover, capture, and share proven solutions.


We design the scaffolding for people to learn within their own context. Collaboration and social learning fuels 'learning by doing'. Teams naturally develop targeted behaviors.

Capture real-time, actionable data.


We replace the 'hunch' with objective data to make informed decisions. Work faster and get better, more credible results. Back up your gut-feel by incorporating actual data.

Guide performance with objective feedback.


We give teams confidence in their decisions, through actionable, fact-based feedback. This same feedback also helps guide effective coaching.


These components create a process where new ideas are put into context, then put into practice as new behaviors—with their impact measured in real-time. We call this...



Our products and Situation learning follow the map, measure, guide process to develop behaviors that can both deliver, and sustain, new business results.

Learning should begin it's critical role by mapping strategy to essential foundation behaviors. It should then work to build motivation, develop ability, and trigger the actions that make things happen. 

Every strategy is important enough to include learning that builds this kind of rock solid foundation. 


Develop the behaviors behind real, sustainable business results...make things happen!


Simple, powerful, learning outcomes.


Map (simple)


When we talk about mapping, we're looking at the landscape of strategies and plans with a different lens. It's the lens where success is defined by a foundation of targeted behaviors. The focus is on team collaboration. Goals and behaviors adjust to the context of each team. Everyone arrives at the same destination, together.

In our work with clients, myRhythm uses a proprietary Behavior Matrix™ to 'Map' behaviors to strategies, 

Measure (powerful)


Traveling this new landscape makes performance expectations boldly transparent. Comparative information is gathered at the individual, team, and organizational levels. For the first time, it's easy to objectively 'Measure' the progress of acquiring new behaviors for new results. 

One of the ways we gather data on progress against goals is with our Real Pulse approach. Random, crowdsourced feedback is gathered continuously, based on targets from the Behavior Matrix.

Guide (outcomes)


They say feedback is the breakfast of champions. Connect feedback will 'Guide' individuals, teams, and their coaches to continually adapt, practice, and learn the behaviors it takes to become champions.

Everyone has open and immediate access to data, via the Team Leaderboard. This includes underlying game rules, with the focus on quality contributions that build to successful solutions.




Consulting, Coaching & Confidence


Got disconnects?

Business is suffering with an epidemic of disconnects between strategies, learning, and business results. At myRhythm, we put deep experience into mapping and measuring connections. This produces new, actionable data that will guide you with confidence, to improved business results.

It starts at the top.

We take a broader look, to help connect learning design (not just courses) to organizational strategies. We can help you make a stronger business case for learning. This isn't 'training as usual'—it's a fresh look at the possibilities for all that learning can do.

Our standing offer.

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