We start new CSR’s out with a 12X advantage!


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Sam's said: They have to pull the freight!
Our strategy: Count on human nature!

The holidays always put a pinch on retailers, and Sam's is no exception. What makes or breaks this hectic season is customer service, and we made their new customer service reps (CSRs) 12 times better than the experienced employees at the same facility.

Nothing is more powerful than reaching other people on a sincerely human wavelength. So we took the new CSRs and gave them a simple, human mindset to frame-up their customer phone calls. Turns out, this was enough to give the newbies 12 times the number of kudos of the other CSRs (at Sam's kudos are when a member asks to talk to a supervisor, to complement the CSR).

You can have this same secret...here it is:

Every relationship gets a lift when people are supportive, objective, accountable, and responsive. You may have noticed, that sets-up the acronym SOAR. It's never a stretch to imagine the specific things that SOAR becomes—that they're innately human makes it easy. As soon as you focus on SOAR within a specific context, how each element comes into play is almost automatic. For instance, an accountable customer service rep takes responsibility for whatever has a customer upset. And an objective CSR thinks openly about solutions, without ever getting defensive. 

The new CSR teams at Sam's Club put SOAR to work, with ease. They were immediately able to articulate the attitude and verbal interactions that would be most successful with members. After all, it worked amazingly well as they practiced with their team. 

Get them to say...Yes.

There was an extra way we taught these these newbies to be supportive with customers: get them to say, "Yes." 

Customers are expecting a conversation of 'No's'. Just hearing and saying the word 'no' creates negative brain chemistry. Likewise, triggering 'yes' over and over creates a satisfying, positive chemistry. CSR's tell us this works!  

Remember this: one of the most important places to have your customer say 'yes' is right at the end of the call. It leaves a lasting, positive impression. And yet, CSRs always ask: "Do you have anything else I can help you with? Wouldn't you rather that they asked, "Have I solved all the problems you have, today?"

The thing you can always count on? Humans always act according to human nature. Understanding that makes life a whole lot easier.