Captured: salespersons' time and attention


Sony: Make our training first-choice.
Our Strategy: Understand the learner, and their context.

Salespeople have lots of possible courses—all of them about cool electronics gear. But we have made people want to take Sony courses, first. And for years, salespeople at Best Buy have rewarded our work with NPS scores in the mid 70% range*. 

When you have all those toys to play with, you get jaded. Learning as usual brings out a yawn, as people skip to the next look-alike course.  Our strategy to capture what little extra time salespeople have is to marry cool Sony branding, to the cool of the tech, to cut-to-the-chase sales advice.

That's been the key to Sony's message being seen by salespeople.

We build our modules sitting inside the learners' heads. We create a learning experience that pulls them into what it's like to sell Sony products. We don't just cover the features, we wrap them up in the kind of conversation salespeople can use with customers. Given a successful approach to emulate, they're ready to sell immediately. Going past the 'what'—to the 'so what'—makes developing great sales skills much, much easier.

Sony has always been game for trying new things, making them the kind of client you love to have. Together, we were early in designing 'mobile-first' learning modules. It's a great solution, because learners don't have to disappear to a training or lunch room to do their learning. In fact, their smartphone makes it easy to brush up, anywhere, anytime—even on the sales floor. That makes the learning just-in-time and right-in-place. And that's cool!

With Sony, or any client, a good rule of thumb is: Know your learner and make their life easier.

* What’s a good NPS score? Given the NPS range of -100 to +100, a “positive” score or NPS above 0 is considered “good”, +50 is “Excellent,” and above 70 is considered “world class.”

This data courtesy of: QuestionPro