Our Connect learning platform delivers fresh learning people look forward to. It also builds vital connections between strategies and learning—for a breakthrough in behaviors that sustain new business results.

These things make Connect unique:

Map. Measure. Guide.™—Build fresh, vital connections between strategies, learning, and business results. Supporting this process, our unique Behavior Matrix helps launch strategies into action. The Behavior Matrix is designed to address a broad set of target behaviors that positively impact the work environment, in order to create and sustain new business results. 

Connect Learning Design—Support teams with the ability to put learning into their own context. Bring the the science of behavior design to every-day learning design, using proven methods from Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab. 

Active Learning Delivery—Mirror how people learn best, so that learning is more effective. Create a compelling learning experience that meets the high expectations of today's learners.

Team Collaboration—Guide teams through 4-steps of structured problem-solving. These collaborations build team energy, create rich ideas and options, and reduce time-to-results. 

Real Pulse—Engage the Behavior Matrix for continuous crowdsourced feedback. Work from a living, three dimensional view of performance progress. 

Game Rules—Motivate participation and steer individual efforts toward quality contributions, solutions and results.

Decision-Making Data—Remove the guesswork and make performance decisions with confidence. Adapt, improve, and work smarter—based on facts.